March 07, 2010 one.

Imagine a space, a gallery with white walls and big windows. There is a bed in the middle with a brightly colored afghan and a handful of pillows. Now add the image of an artist let loose and free to do as they please for 24 hours. Take that image and times it by 24. That is 'Month'. Except some days there are 3 artists, and some days there are dance parties, and this Tuesday a dinner party. Month is a community instillation happening right now as you read this.

The rules are art leaves the gallery until after the closing party (when we all get to take something home). Everyone must respect the space, and all other artists work.

These photos are what I am calling the 'calm before the storm' (at the end of day one). Those of you that read my blog will recognize Chris Dreyer of Dreyer Press...I can't even wait till the 18th. I will be setting up my camera and making a little stop motion film of my stay! Here are a list of artist featured this month at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery...(5pm to 5pm the following day)

The Line-up:

March 5-6: Chris Dreyer
March 6-7: BrightSpirit
March 7-8: Thuy Nguyen
March 8-9: Bruce Hormann
March 9-10: Conrad Bagley
March 10-11: The Habein Family
March 11-12: Mariah McKay
March 12-13: LadyFest w/ Carolynn Connelly, Candice Walberg & Stephanie Sellers
March 13-14: Megan Martens
March 14-15: Matthew Waite
March 15-16: Dara Harvey
March 16-17: Shane
March 17-18: Marcia Dukes
March 18-19: Tiffany Patterson
March 19-20: Taylor Weech
March 20-21: Jillian Foster
March 21-22: Jamie Nadherny
March 22-23: Lisa Whiteman
March 23-24: Gina Rawls & Arelya Hader
March 24-25: Boys Who Like Butterflies
March 25-26: Angela Mageras & Hilary
March 26-27: The Koalas

I will be popping in randomly through the month and sharing photos of our progression here on my blog. Hope you check back!

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