March 11, 2010

A week into Month

I showed up today right at the end of the Habein's Stay....
Grace didn't want to leave!
Then Patrick and Mariah showed up.

Mariah was getting settled in as I left...but I still got her to pose for some photos in her Shrinking Violet Tee-shirt. I had been needing a photo to include in my portfolio (as I am trying to keep better documentation of my work). A fellow (wonderfully artistic) Violet: Gaia Brown, handled the layout for the shirts that we sold at our Birthday Bash last month.
Mariah has promised worm bins I will sneak over after work to grab a photo. I have to say that there is so much wonderful creative energy in the gallery and if you are able you've got to stop in!


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Sara said...

Grace settled in the car after she ate about half a grilled cheese bacon burger. Then her complaining turned into, "Oh this bacon is SO GOOD." Haha