March 22, 2010

Gold glitter...

I haven't blogged for a while and all my lovelies are backing up!

First, here is a sneak peek at my MONTH stay. It was absolutely amazing and exhausting...there will officially be gold glitter in the gallery for years to come. I will be editing and posting my stop motion film later this week (I took pictures during the entire stay). Most of the 24 hours were spent on top of a very tall tall ladder. Jacinda was such a huge help (building trees from posters and sewing patterns) and lots of friends stopped by and pitched in.Driving home the other day I begged Jacinda to stop at a nature park we go by every day. I have been dreaming of the photos I would take. It started pouring and the light was marvelous. This is my favorite shot I snapped when the rain let up. Flikr is calling to me...."Tiffany, pay the stupid fee - you NEED me!"

I left the walk with a deer scull, jaw bone, and vertebrae. Also that evening I pulled a tick out of my hair, and then screamed and threw it into my laptop. I had to scoop it up before it found refuge in my keypad. Thank god it didn't get me...I very much thought it was still to cold for them!

I didn't make it back to the MONTH gallery show during Taylor's stay (she was right after me), but did for Jillian's. It was the first day of spring, there were yellow stickers applied to my face, and I got to use a button maker for the first time!

I feel as if my photos are no longer doing the space justice. They are not even coming close to the magic you feel in this art jungle!The next time I pop into the gallery will be tomorrow for "A Romantic Evening with Boys Who Like Butterflies" Naaman (above) and John. We will be discussing the nature of gender, performance, and contemporary art.

Things are getting crazy here with all the art happenings coming up! I hope you are enjoying your spring. ♥ ♥ ♥

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