March 16, 2010

Happy Happy

I have been trying to be really good about not buying things for myself constantly (remodeling the new house and all)...but, one of my very favorite artists Caitlin Shearer (from Australia) has a sale going at her etsy shop that is almost ridiculous! Her prints are half off...and Happy Birthday to me, one is coming my way!

A blog I love called Dandelion Daydreamer did a wonderful interview today with Caitlin (where you can win prints). Caitlin also has a lovely blog I follow here. Check them out, treat yourself to some art! ♥

Oh...p.s. I started a Facebook fan page yesterday. You can join it here. I was a little worried but now just feel extremely loved. Over 130 people joined and it just went up yesterday. It feels so wonderful to have a community that supports you.

I ♥ Spokane

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