March 13, 2010

The artist is smoking hot!! (Month)

Another day at MONTH.
I am seeing a trend....little notes to the outside world seem to be stacking up inside the Kolva!

Mariah was successful, the gallery now has new pets besides that creepy dog (that may or may not be real)...little red wigglers. The art is finally starting to overlap and grow up towards the enormous empty space above. I slipped over after work and got to see day 7 end and LadyFest begin. Sadly I missed out on the dance party that evening! :(It is almost to the point that I cannot stand being in the space...way to excited for Thursday! I am starting to gather my supplies and I put out my Facebook event! I'm calling it Tiffany Patterson's 24 hour MONTH stay and post Birthday madness! Of course encouraging everyone to come make art with me, drink wine, and the most important....bring GOLD GLITTER! Oh such plans I have. I might add that it will take a full pickup truck load to get my "plans" down there!
My Birthday is on St. Patties day along with my anniversary (holy crap how 5 years flies by)! So, this being said, my posts of MONTH will be less frequent up until Thursday...many things to take care of in the mean time.

Loves and clovers! ♥ ♥ ♥


JANE said...

Oh happy happy everything!

joseph's art and stuff said...

i'll see ya there, but i won't wear gold glitter. maybe gold lame' jeans...